AMATYC #1: Math Applications for Careers


The session was a meld of three speakers given 15 minutes each. The first speaker gave some ideas (nothing fully developed) of how to use an online map app to create projects. Then there were some traditional applications of joint variation. This might have been helpful to someone new to teaching these subjects and motivated to write some lessons from scratch.

The second speaker was more interesting. She explained some math of fire science. For instance, chains are 66 feet long and are how burn areas are measured. It is also unfortunately topical and the subject we are on in Math 131. Some other measurements are done in paces. (Or, were done in paces, Technology might have advanced.) The problems shown, however, were contrived. Other problems involving water such as charging hoses and weight of water were included. Her students liked problems about how gravity can affect pressure of hoses. There are various resources online with this mathematics.

The third speaker spoke of business applications in the classroom.

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