Redefining Collegiate Success for Male Students of Color (Governors State)


Governors State is a school on the border between suburban Chicago and rural Illinois. It has just under 5000 students.

They created a Dual Degree Program where students got both an associates and a bachelors degree. They had requirements for students in the program- key among them that the students attend full time. 87% of students have completed or are persisting. The program is 76% women. That may have been due to the full time requirement.

So, they made a male success initiative:

A lack of social capital is a big challenge. This is because of turn over in students.

Among the expectations students need to want to attend.

Full lists of challenges and expectations are in the Power Point which, again, is in the conference app.

MSI students may attend DDP events. MSI students take a strengths assessment. They do a customized assessment with open ended questions.


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