Equity Themed Sessions at AMATYC


I have a handout with an overview of the 6 speakers. 

Here are the takeaways I took from 5 of the speakers:

Ackerman has QR codes in her PowerPoint that will hopefully be part of the proceedings. These link to articles she recommends.

Tang gave interesting anecdotes about how he has helped students succeed after he got to know more about them.

Aschenbrenner shared a philosophy similar to what Dr. Paul Hernandez recommends in his Real Talk work.

Muir gave a few specific but non-surprising social justice applications in probability. She also recommends So You Want to Talk about Race. I have ordered it and may review it if I like it and find it as relevant as she did.

Stachelek gave food for thought about being careful about cultural context (comma for decimal point, problems about cars in Brooklyn, . . .).

The photo is Dead Original opening for Candlebox from last night because I always use cover photos now and why not.

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