Black Husky Sproose IPA and Boulevard Steep Drop Stout


The Sproose IPA is a light bodied beer with a spruce aftertaste that lingered bit that I didn’t mind lingering. I’d order it again.

The Steep Drop reminded me of my childhood when I didn’t quite mix the Nestle powder well enough with milk both in texture and taste. That said it is a pleasant reminiscence and I’d consider ordering it again.

No huge conference takeaways so far today. The morning speaker was entertaining but the session was neither rah rah nor much of a classroom takeaway session. I can update folks on K20 partnerships in Ohio if interested. I can share some project suggestions from a QR session but they involve superheroes which while interesting I think is more niche than the presenters want to admit. That said it might be fun for one or two mini projects per semester.

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