Meal Prep


Well, it’s kind of obvious this isn’t baseball this year. And I’ve learned a lot about teleconferencing software but I’ve written that up in another blog. So, I’ll risk my ones of subscribers to my irregular posts and venture into another field for a day.

My wife and one of my daughters have been into meal preparation services the last few months. This partially comes from their deal seeking. After you use one for a few tries you typically get referrals that let someone else try it at a discounted rate. So they can each try a service and then refer each other. It does seem fairly convenient. So probably once all the deal seeking is done one of the companies will get regular or semi-regular business from us. It’s just a matter of which. Here are some of the ones we liked.

Home Chef: This is my wife’s hobby and so she cooks almost all the meals from these services. (I’m more of a buy a chunk. of meat, a starch, and a vegetable and cook it when I cook- or at least I was until the Ides or so). She felt the preparation and cooking was fairly straightforward with Home Chef. The meals were my second favorite here.

EveryPlate: The food has been my favorite here. Many of these services tend to use one ingredient to excess. I believe the week these guys won me over they were using poblano peppers in a lot of recipes. Right now with non-discounted pricing they seem to be the go-to provided you are willing to order portions for four and then eat the same thing consecutive days. This is no big deal for me. In my late teens and early 20’s I would cook a family size meal and eat it three to five days in a row.

Sun Basket: They almost stopped the discount seeking. Sun Basket is relatively pricey but they make it easy to ship extra vegetables. You also can (could?) select some of the meals pre-prepped and oven ready. We are at a stage of life where paying a bit more for convenience appealed to us. Lately it has been almost impossible (literally impossible?) to get the oven ready versions. It’s understandable, I guess, because probably so many more people are using the services to avoid going to the grocery store. But, it doesn’t make sense to pay the premium and not get the convenience.

Tiller & Hatch: This isn’t actually a prep service like the others. Pressure cookers are back. (Whenever I write Insta Pot I think neti pot ). This company sells frozen meals for pressure cookers. All have been good so far, The bags seem to be good for around 3 portions at the way we eat. So 2 bags get you a dinner and lunch for one of you the next day. Or 2 bags get you three dinners for 2 if you can decide who gets which leftover on day 3. You wouldn’t want these every day but for a couple days per week it works well.

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