Using YouTube to Stream and Caption Videos

I get a lot of questions about how to use a streaming service to caption a recorded lecture and stream it to students. I also frequently forget how to get at the captions and so this will help me remember, too.

The following series of videos will show uploading videos and editing captions. Keep in mind that you must make some effort to keep the video private by making it private or only putting the link behind the HFCOnline login to protect student privacy.

This first video is the original Zoom video I recorded. It is not captioned intentionally, but the 4th video is identical and has captions. I recorded to my computer. The video ends up in Documents/Zoom/[Date and Time of Recording]/Zoom_0.

A Fake Zoom Lecture

This second video shows how I upload to Youtube.

The third video shows how I edit the captions.

Don’t Notice the Extra Apostrophe in the Overlays

The final video is the first video with the YouTube captions added. Press CC if the captions do not automatically display.

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