OneNote to Track Student Contacts


For as long as I can remember to record students contacts (and have time to record student contacts) I am trying to use OneNote for this. It seems to be pretty well organized for this, Sections can be classes. Pages can be individual students. And then I can record contacts to remind me of events in students personal lives and academic lives as I meet with them or as I grade.

I’ve tried to this in the past with paper notebooks and the lack of ease of finding students and connecting contacts caused me to give up. Excel does not give enough space to write contact summaries. I’ve never really learned to use database software. This seems pretty straightforward. It will be easy to find a summary over the course of a semester provided I make a habit to record information. I could even include content areas that we needed to work on after tests if I wanted.

This is an idea that others are probably already using, I just thought I’d share in case other teachers record or want to record contacts and needed a way to organize things.

What OneNote Looks like when used to tack contacts

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