Spring Break Technology

I bought a Wacom Tablet and experimented with what software seemed to make it work well. It works OK with OneNote. I am going to try freeware called Xournal++ for a little while.

I also got a new microphone for recording student videos (and I guess for video conferencing).

I discovered the Drawboard PDF put features for which I had paid behind a paywall and created a $50/year subscription to get that and some new features like pen pressure. That is 4 times what competitors charge and I am steamed that I lost features I paid to have. I am done with them.

I got permission to use the Screencast-O-Matic (now Screenpal) quiz feature for a week to try it out, but all I get is error messages when trying to create quizzes. I love the product and my subscription is coming up for renewal. For now, however, I have it set to cancel since the new features not working have me worried about the whole thing.

A video with the same content of the text above(ish) in case you want to hear how the Yeti did.

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