Pooling Questions in MyMathLab


This week I learned to pool questions in a MyMathLab test.  To use pooling you need to enable pooling on the first screen where when you start to create a test.  (This post assumes you have made MyMathLab tests).  You can select a group of questions and press the Pool button.  On each student’s test the software will select only one of those questions.

Notice the Pool button beneath the add button
Notice the Pool button beneath the add button

I plan to use this feature to create short quizzes the students can use while reviewing for the final.  I will take every objective for a chapter and chose a problem.  Then I will pool them into one question.  The students when they try this test will get a subset of objectives- just like they get on the real final.  They can also take these quizzes in a short period of time.   I will set the test so they can take it an unlimited number of times.  If a student does well on several iterations they can consider themselves ready.  Care must be taken to explain to students that a single 100% does not mean readiness since each quiz only samples the objectives.

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