I've Just Been Relaxing . . .


I thought about reviewing SpaceTime 4.0 (upscale graphing calculator) for the NOT BASEBALL side of this blog over break, but I just can’t pay $15 for an iphone app.  They seem to be way outside the typical range.  Plus, while the visuals look exciting the reviews sound like they were written by the publishiers.  Maybe if it drops below $5 I’ll review it.

In the meantime I did get an advance look at a sabermetrics primer that Lee Panas is writing.  If you understand a little about batting average, ERA and RBI’s and are looking to learn about other statistics that are used to evaluate players and teams in modern baseball this book will be a great place to start.  The book should be out just before the start of the 2010 season.  Look for it.  I hear it will have illustrations by Samara Pearlstein of Roar of the Tigers which will make it even better.

Also, I need a new favorite Tiger.  Fernando Rodney is an Angel now.  This also means I need a new ring tone as Somos de Calle  is unlikely to be any Tigers walk-on music next year.

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