Dropbox and Why There is No Part II to The Brain Rules Post


I liked the The Brain Rules  second part.  I also did learn something interesting.  Use visuals whenever you can.  The brain remembers pictures better than it remembers text in most situations.  I also learned that scent can help trigger memories.  I plan NOT to use this in class.  I visualize myself spraying lavendar air freshner as we talk about the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.  Then when someone is stuck on the test I go over to their desk and SPRITTTZZ.

I also learned about Dropbox.  Dropbox creates remote copies of the files you put in a special folder on your computer.  If you install the same folder on multiple computers than Dropbox will sync them for you.  This makes a great alternative to either emailing files to myself or using the software at work to access the shared hard drive.  Dropbox looks just like your Windows OS as you use it.  The software at work is a browser based system with lots of levels and dialogue boxes to upload and download.

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