New Course Landing for MyMathLab


So, my students are not visiting the course announcement page.  They are not receiving push announcements because they do not Tweet.  I’m not willing to use grades to force them to create accounts on the private service.

What to do . . . ?  Well this week I learned you can change your course landing page in Course Compass (Pearson’s customized version of Blackboard) which is how students access MyMathLab.  All students will now see- and hopefully read- recent announcements.


What my students see when they login to Course Compass
What my students see when they login to Course Compass


Here is how you can do this:

Once logged into Course Compass follow links to Control Panel and Manage Course Menu.  Modify the announcement page.  Change the name of the button as you wish.  Put the URL of any webpage you wish to use.  I put the URL of a page that has a widget that follows my Twitter feed. Don’t forget to submit to save your work.

Changing the Announcement Setting
Changing the Announcement Setting

You may or may not need to change your course entry page depending on what the setting were before you started.  To do this go to the list of courses you see right after logging in to Course Compass.  Choose details for the course you want.  Follow the link to Course Settings and then to Set Course Entry Point.  Pick your newly renamed button’s name from the pull down menu and save your work.

Close your browser and log back in to see the changes.

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