Fifth Third Field Visit

An 11-game road trip is too long to stay away from a ballpark this early in the season so I went to Toledo’s Fifth Third Field to see a Mud Hens’ game.  The game featured the Mud Hens not using a DH because injuries and call ups had left them temporarily with 8 positions players.  Pitcher Ruddy Lugo was hit with a line drive to the head during the first inning.  (He was hospitalized, but has been released.)  It was also the first time I had seen Casper Wells play.  He showed excellent range both forward and back on plays in two consecutive inning.  The Mud Hens lost the game 6-2.

Parking is easy.  When you exit I-75 stay on Washington Avenue.  Turn left into almost any lot along Washington if you are coming from the north.  Then you can turn right on Washington after the game.  This makes easy access to I-75 North.  I parked at a lot near the firefighter’s union hall hoping my $5 went to the firefighter’s union.

The seats only cost $9 (the service fee online for two tickets was only $2).  Most of the seats are in the lower bowl which extends from foul pole to foul pole.  I was pleased with our seats which were the fourth row near the right field pole.  I’ll chose higher seats nearer to home plate the next time I go though.  There is a mezzanine level that look like the best seats as the upper level is neither very high, nor set back too far.  I think those are all sold this season, however.

 The concessions mostly have ballpark food.  I thought they had good variety, however.  The deluxe nachos include meat, cheese and some vegetables.  (The Mexican place is on the first base side.)  I had a burrito that filled me for $3.75.  Beer is $5 and $7 for drafts.  The beer comes with a plastic cup that is sturdy enough to make a souvenir if you are cheap.  My daughter had a chicken tender basket for $7.25.  There was more than enough to fill her up, but we both thought the Comerica basket for $8.50 had more chicken and better fries.  On the third base side pizza is available.  Soft drinks and water are $3.  Coffee and hot chocolate are $1.75.

Muddy Doll $20 ($17 with Free Kid's Club Membership)
You Can Keep Your Beer Cup for a Cheap Souvenir
Muddy and Mudonna, the team mascots, were available for photos before the game.  A good souvenir for youngsters (and popular based on what I saw in the stands) is the Muddy, or Mudonna doll.  You buy the outside ofthe doll.  Then you go to a stuffing station like Build-A-Bear to fill your animal.  The doll comes with an outfit for $20.  We joined the kid’s club which gave a one time 15% discount, so Muddy cost just $17.
It was fun to see some prospects I had heard about play.  Ticket prices and concessions were reasonable.  Once they finish I-275 construction I’ll probably go see another Mud Hens’ game.

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