New Life Math Project Update


A message Jack Rotman has asked Developmental Math Instructors to share follows:

For the past year (and a little more), the AMATYC New Life for Developmental Mathematics project has been working to develop new ideas — not just small improvements, rather a new approach to bring significant changes to the profession … to bring better results for our students … and to bring a fresh hope to faculty long discouraged by the old system.  (Some of you have attended presentations on this work at the AMATYC conference or at local events.)

I am sending this note to encourage you to do two things.  First, use the links below to find out what the New Life project has been working on.   Second, forward this note to others at your college and in your region who are involved with developmental mathematics.  (Materials are not limited to AMATYC members!) 
This is the ‘home page’ for those looking into a new model.
The  four basic documents describing our new vision of mathematics preceding college-level.
A series of presentations (with audio) providing additional background on the project and our vision.
Goals and outcomes for “MLCS”.  Our curricular vision involves two basic courses; the first one is currently called “Mathematical Literacy for College Students” (MLCS).  This course is generating considerable interest in the profession AND among grant-making organizations.  (You may have heard of ‘mathway’ — that is MLCS; ‘statway’ is a kindred project.)
This page serves two purposes.  First, it provides some guidance on how to get started on creating a new curricular model at your institution, including references.  Second, it provides information for those considering a pilot of a new course like “MLCS” or “Transitions” (the second course) concerning data collection and faculty development.
Materials from last fall’s Symposium on Developmental Mathematics (AMATYC Las Vegas conference … Rosemary Karr & Jack Rotman), including a video of the symposium, the presentation slides, bibliography, and handouts.

I hope you will find the time over the next few weeks to explore these materials; we have several colleges working towards a pilot course in 2011 — perhaps you will find yourself engaged in that work, or supporting colleagues in the process.  We understand that fundamental change takes time AND the effort of a community; the community is us … the community of mathematics faculty at CCs.

Thank you for your time!

Jack Rotman
Professor, Department of Mathematics; leader of the AMATYC “New Life” project for developmental mathematics
Lansing Community College
(five one seven)483-1079     
rotmanj at lcc dot edu

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