May 16 (7-4)

I have not been learning a lot of new stuff lately.  I also grew tired of updating the 2010 game page.  Editting a page is harder than writing a post in WordPress.  So I’ve added the catedgory in person games.

Today Armando Galarraga returned.   The Tigers needed a 6th starter after a double header.  Also, to be ready for Guillen’s return and keep Boesch up the Tigers sent their rookie second baseman Scott Sizemore to Toledo.  Guillen will play second.  Danny Worth was brought up to play second in the meantime.  Worth singled and got an RBI on his first at bat.  The bases were loaded and he dribbled a ball to the right side of the infield.  The Red Sox Pitcher Lackey got his foot work confused allowing Worth to beat out the play.  He was 1 for 3.

Galarraga went six innings.  He has a new side arm pitch he throws in some two-strike counts.  Bonderman (a starter) through an inning in relief to take some pressure off the bullpen. 

The Tigers won 5-1.

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