The First Ten

I used to have a page for game updates.  It was hard to maintain so I moved the content to this post.

I like to keep track of the games I see in person to remember the notable events. I’ll keep them on this page (not a page anymore) to avoid cluttering the blog.

APRIL 9 (1-0)

Jhonny Peralta makes a 3-run throwing error. The Tigers win 5-2. My family and I like to pronounce his name J-Honny instead of like Johnny.

APRIL 10 (2-0)

Bonderman pitches well in his first start. Detroit wins 4-2.

APRIL 11 (3-0)

Verlander gives up 5 runs in the first inning. The Tigers score in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. A 3-run ninth ends with a walk and a wild pitch. The Tigers win 9-8.

APRIL 27 (3-1)

Verlander pitches pretty well. The Tigers only allow two runs. Unfortunately Liriano does not allow any.

APRIL 28 (4-1)

The Tigers come back from a 6-1 deficit to win 11-6. My daughter is selected to go on field before the game to cast the ceremonial first All-Star ballot.

MAY 2 (5-1)

Since Verlander’s outing on April 27 was not enough to beat the Twins he decides to go 8 innings allowing only one hit. He does allow two more in the ninth. The Tigers win 5-1.

MAY 9 (5-2)

Cleveland gives free tickets to another day to folks who buy a group of tickets on another day. On Sunday they set up a kids’ activity area between Quicken Loans Arena and Progressive Field. My daughter’s got to hold snakes, pet small mammals, taunt mustard, hit in a batting cage, pretend to catch pitched wiffle balls, draw signs and dance at Radio Disney.

Oh and Max Scherzer gave up 4 runs in the second and Ni and Perry walked the bases with no outs in the seventh. The Indians win 7-4.

MAY 10 (6-2)

The Tigers raise the EH flag to honor Ernie Harwell before the game. The team beats the Yankees 5-4 in a game where both teams use emergency starters. Boesch has 3 RBI and Damon has his second home run.

MAY 12 (Game 2) (6-3)

Bonderman goes 7 innings allowing two runs with seven K’s and only one walk.. Coke and Figaro allow six Yankee runs in the top of the ninth to end the suspense. The final is 8-0.

MAY 14 (6-4)

Scherzer has another rough start. Ortiz homers twice. The Red Sox have 4 home runs and the Tigers lose 7-2.

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