May 28 (7-6)

We had a fun day at the ballpark despite the result of this game.  My middle daughter got a promotional hat from an Oakland reliever that somehow made the trip with the A’s to Comerica Park.  She then used this to talk other Oakland relievers out of balls.  My youngest daughter got an actual foul ball during batting practice. 

My middle daughter also had won a contest to play catch on the field, so we played catch in foul territory before the game while Polish dancers whirled in the outfield.  The Tigers gave away 1935 promotional hats.  My daughters sold theirs to the folks sitting behind us for $10 each.


Despite a WHIP above two Dontrelle Willis somehow only allows 3 runs in 5 1/3 innings.

Miguel Cabrera goes 3 for 4 on the game back after his daughter’s birth.  All three are home runs.  The second one almost made it to the second seating group in Comerica’s Pavillion section.

Guillen returns and reaches twice


The Tigers lost.

The Tigers lost by one and the winning run reached base on an intentional base on balls.

The top of the ninth featured a catchable pop up and an infield single.


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