July 21 (18-15)


The Tigers broke a seven game losing streak with a 4-1 win.  We took advantage of the early entry season ticket holder and my daughter got four balls again.  She gave away three and was going to keep one, but then felt the little boy next to us was too cute so she gave him the fourth.

The memorable, rare moment from this game was a two-run home run by Gerald Laird. 

Scherzer threw 120 pitches and seven innings.

Boesch continued to slump.  His average has dropped 30 points since the game before the All Star Break.

Valverde started his appearance with a four-pitch walk.  Then he hit Guerrero with the first pitch.  He threw two more balls before his first strike.  He did get the hold, however, helped by Cruz swinging at a ball.  A wild pitch moved the runner that scored on a ground out to third.  It was a rough outing.  Hopefully he is healthy and just had a bad day.

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