August 9 (21-20)


You Get Your Money’s Worth (in Game Time) When Galarraga Pitches

Before the game the sky looked threatening. So, neither team took batting practice.  My daughter managed to get Johnny Damon’s signature during the season ticket holder early entry time though.

The games itself took 3:13.  This is only because the last few innings went quicker after Galarraga- who works very slowly and Price- who walked four batters today left the game after five innings.  About the only encouraging thing as a Tiger fan is that Boesch homered again.  It brought the game to 4-3 in the eighth.  Unfortunately Perry allowed a double to begin the top of the ninth.  A bloop singles and ground balls that went past a drawn in infield allowed two runs to score and the game ended 6-3.

Did I mention Galarrage works very slowly?

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