25 Awful Games


Last night I had sold my tickets to the Tigers and the game didn’t seem worth watching after the Angels got a big lead.  It appeared the Tigers were headed for a 5-20 record in their most recent 25 game stretch.  During that time they had fallen from 1/2 game out just before the All-Star break to 10 games out entering play today.

So how bad is 5-20?  I used the Baseball-Reference.com streak calculator to find out.

  • The only other teams with a 5-20 stretch this year are the worst in each league- the Pirates and Orioles.  No team has a 4-21 stretch.
  • From August 29 to September 23, 2005 was the last time the Tigers went 5-20 over 25 games.
  • The Tigers haven’t had a worse stretch since the 2003 season.  In that season they had a few 3-22 stretches. 
  • If you allow streaks to extend across seasons the Tigers managed a 2-23 spanning the end of 2002 through the beginning of 2003. 

Here is a complete list of the worst single-season 25-game stretches.

The best streaks include 21-4 several times during the 35-5 stretch in 1984.  The Tigers were also 21-4 in overlapping streaks in April and May 1911.  Allowing some wins at the end of 1910 gives the best 25-game span mark for the Tigers 22-3.


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