Animoto iPhone app


I write from my phone because I just experimented with the updated Animoto app for iPhone. When phones used iOS3 you could upload photos from your phone, chose from Animoto’s limited music library and Animoto would make a fairly professional looking musical slide show.

When iOS4 came out the ability to select photos was lost. Animoto just released a fix. It sort of works. I selected my photos. I could not figure out how to leave that screen. When I exited to my phones home screen and reentered it remembered my pictures though.

When I tried to upload my photos it stalled partway through. The error message said I had no connectivity. Perhaps I had exceeded the 20 Mb that the iPhone gives as a limit for a download or upload? Switching to my wireless network made it work.

So the app is now usable again, but difficult to use. I’ll wait on the next upgrade to use the service regularly.

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