Vodpod to Post Flash Videos on WordPress


I am using a WordPress blog instead of Twitter for my course announcements this year.  I wanted to show my class a video I made with Jing and store at Screencast.  Unfortunately WordPress considers Flash embedding a security risk and Screeencast plays videos using Flash.  The WordPress help pages suggeseted using Vodpod.

It seems to work.  I added a button to my Chrome browser toolbar at Vodpod that looks for videos on a webpage when I click it.  It finds the video and either stores the video or a link to it at the Vodpod site.  (I’m not sure exactly how that works.)  Then I can visit Vodpod and create a draft post that includes my video.  When I log on to WordPress I can finish the post.  It is a bit convoluted, but it I like Jing and this still lets me use my videos.

I do have two concerns.  Vodpod has a security setting that would let me hide my videos from the general public.  It appears that the site will not currently let you change your settings to hidden.  No one probably wants to see my math videos so that is probably not a big deal.  (If one did somehow become popular I could run out of my monthly bandwidth quota for the free Jing/Screencast account.)

Second, the video loses a lot of resolution when rescaled for embedding (see the first sample below).  For now I am offering students a link to the original video if they would like to see it in full scale. I can also hack the vodpod code guessing what controls the height and width after looking at the Screencast embed to see the proper height and width.  The second video below is the result.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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