September 11 (28-22)


Detroit lost 5-3 to the Orioles.  Scherzer allowed 12 hits today and a string of them in the sixth allowed the Orioles to score four runs.  After the Oriole started Guthrie left the Tigers managed a 3-run rally in the eighth.  Unfortunately the Orioles had a bigger big inning.

Also in the sixth Miguel Cabrera had a 5-6-3 ground out when a hard grounder it the third baseman and deflected right to the shortstop.  The sixth also featured the release of tens of beachballs from fans in the top row of section 339.  They did this in 2009 at the Fiesta Tigres game as well.

The game started 30 minutes late because of rain.  We waited in the Tiger den as usual.  The best value there is the strawberry shortcake.  It is a little short on strawberries, but comes with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and a slab of shortcake.
Fireworks Postgame
Fireworks Postgame

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