September 26 (33-23)



The memorable moment here was when the crowd started chanting M-V-P after Cabrera hit a home run to extend the Tigers lead to 5-1.

Porcello went 8 innings.  Once again I thought we’d see his first complete game as he was just over 100 pitches through 8.  Instead Valverde closed with a 1-2-3 inning.  Santiago also had a three run homer batting right handed.  I think that is a rare event in itself.

One of my daughters won an autographed Porcello picture.  Unfortunately it was a double due to our abuse of the Metro-PCS text game earlier in the year.  My other daughter won a game-worn Bonderman road cap.  The Tigers weren’t sure of its pedigree (which game) so that’s why it ended up in kids club.  She does think the cap is a cool thing to get.  She also has seen Bonderman sweat on TV.

It was a fun series to end the season.

Just wait ’til next year.

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