Teaching Unprepared Students Part III


I continue to read Gabriel’s book. Chapter 6 was supposed to be about active learning. It was mostly about how to overcome resistance to active learning with few examples of active learning. Chapter 7 gave some examples of informal assessements that might help the novice teacher.

I’ll only post about Chapter 8 (the last chapter) if I learn something I will use in future semesters.

One comment

  1. I concluded a summary of the first three chapters with:
    “Overall I think I will only pick up small good ideas in various parts of the book. That in itself is enough to justify the cost of the book and the time invested in reading it. I still have hope to be surprised by the blockbuster chapter though!”

    At the end I still thought that. I found a handful of good ideas. I think most conscientious veteran teachers will just pick up a few good ideas. There is probably a lot of good ideas for newer teachers to use as starting points for professional development, however.

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