Sorting Students in MyMathLab


Normally I want my students from each section of a course in separate sections in MyMathLab so that it is easier to transfer grades from MyMathLab to the campus online gradebook.  The drawback to this is that you have to either set up a master course or change dates and administer changes in the gradebook once per section instead of once overall.

This semester I have two sections of the same course that meet back to back.  I wanted the students in the same section so I only had to update once each unit.  I also wanted the students sorted by section.

In the Gradebook there is a pull down menu.  One of the choices was to add/edit student ID’s.  I feared that it would not allow me to use the same ID number multiple times.  It did, however.   So all the Section 3 students have student ID 3.  All the Section 4 students have student ID 4.  Then I checked the box labeled, “The Section 3 students show up first in alphabetical order followed by the Section 4 students in alphabetical order.  Some administrative work is halved and the students are still sorted.

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