4 Strike Outs in an Inning and a Grand Slam


OK.  This is relevant to absolutely nothing I suppose.  But, I discoverd that Brad Penny, a new Tiger, once had a 4 strike-out inning.  I posed a question on a message board and someone guessed the rare feat to which I was referring was grand slam home runs.  Now there are only 50 or so pitchers who have had a four strike out inning.  And I think only 80 or so have hit grand slams.

This got me to thinking about which pitchers in their career have had both a 4 strike out inning and a grand slam.

Here is the list:

Walter Johnson
Don Drysdale
Bob Gibson
Bill Bonham
Brad Penny
Felix Hernandez

Hernandez gets great kudos for hitting a grand slam as an American League starting pitcher after 1971.

Mike Cueller also makes the list if you allow post-season grand slams.

My research came mostly from Baseball-Reference and Baseball-Almanac.

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