Winplot and Discrete Graphs


I think I had learned this before and forgot it.  It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to do it and so I thought it made the perfect post for this blog so I could find it again if I needed it.

For a publishing project upon which I am working I needed to graph the cost in dollars of a cell phone plan versus the months from 1 to 24.  The equation was C = 79.99 + 94.99m.  I wanted to make this a discrete graph rather than a continuous graph because the almost always the consumer pays for a full month and not a fraction of a month.

I set up my axes in Winplot to give an appropriate scale.  Then I went to the equation menu and picked point.  I entered a as the value for x.  I entered 79.99 + 94.99*a for y.  The equation inventory popped up.

Enter the Point
Enter the Point with a Parameter

I clicked on family and for the value a I entered a starting value of 1, an ending value of 24 and 23 steps.

Family Screen
Set up the Stepping in the Family Window

I clicked define and voila.

The Result
The Result

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