Davies Gets Martinezed


I’m 1-0.  We went to Opening Day.  Here is the view from our new seats.  As you can see the day started off rainy and overcast.  It was clear by game time and there was no delay.


The Tigers won 5-2.  Kyle Davies, pitching for the Royals, gave up 5 runs and was lucky not to give up more.  He loaded the bases in the first and Victor Martinez unloaded them with a drive to right center just where the wall dips out.  He loaded the bases again in the third with a hit bastman, Cabrera, and two walks, Martinez and the hard to walk Boesch.  The Tigers only got one run in that inning when Peralta hit a sacrifice fly.

Scherzer got the win for the Tigers.

Before the game we tried Angelina’s resaurant off of Grand Circus by the Opera House.  It’s regular menu would be a little pricey, but it offers ballpark food the day of the game.  I had pulled pork sliders and a beer.  My wife and one of my daughters had salad, soup and appetizers from the regular menu and my youngest daughter had pizza.  Tip and all was $53 which would be too expensive for every game, but is completely reasonable compared to restaurants inside Comerica.

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