56% of a Win


The weather was miserable. A misting rain started early in the game and got worse through the first five innings. We left in the fifth so maybe I’m 2.56-1 instead of 3-1 for in person games. It only took a little over two years of season tickets for us to become the leave-early fans.

It was 5-1 when we left. Raburn hit a home run to right. That was the most notable thing for me. After we left Quentin hit a second home run off Verlander who ended up giving up three home runs. Verlander also recorded his 1000th career strike out.

Since the Tigers won 9-3 I’ll probably give up one ticket stub so the kids can get BOGO pizza at Little Caesars despite the 1000 K significance.

Before the game we sheltered in the Tigers Den to avoid a more traditional rain. The Tigers Den has stopped serving strawberry shortcake and bump cake. Those need to return.


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