What the- E5???!!! C’mon. Oh, Nevermind


Brad Penny pitched 7 innings of one hit baseball.  The one hit was a play where Inge fielded the ball deep behind third and threw wild to first.  This was a tough scoring call.  A good throw would have got the runner.  It was a play that probably required above ordinary effort to complete.

Penny was nearing 100 pitches and coming off an injury so he might not have been able to complete the game anyway. Perry gave up two hits in the eighth to make it a moot point.

The Tigers also had a 5 run fourth inning.  They batted around.  The first six batters reached.  Rhymes then bunted to advance the runners, because what else are you going to do as a manager if you play Rhymes.

I was particularly impressed with Avila who went 3 for 4 with a triple.  Raburn went 2-3 with a walk and a sacrifice fly.

This 9-0 win means the Tigers have scores 18 runs in the series while only allowing 3.  The Tigers also have won 8 straight against the Sox including 6 at the end of 2010.

Despite knowing that his birthday was tomorrow and wearing a White Sox cap my daughter was unable to convince Omar Vizquel to toss her a ball before the game.  He probably doesn’t like being reminded how old he is.

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