I have fallen to 5-3 in in-person games. I wasn’t going to go to this one, but all the work I had left could be done at home and I had tickets from last night to trade in so I figured why not? The people in the box office at the Tiger Club entrance give you better seats than the folks outside or the people who exchange mailed tickets.

Anyway, I’ll tell you why not.

The Tigers lost 7-2 and lost the series 3-0.

Pineda, a young pitcher on the Mariners, struck out 9 Tigers in 6 innings. He allowed only 7 base runners. Boesch, Raburn and Kelly all hit long fly balls to center. But at Comerica Park long fly balls to center are outs.

Jackson made 5 outs including 3 strikeouts. Ordonez would probably have made 5 outs with three strike outs, but the Tigers only sent 37 to the plate. Cabrera did reach twice- a walk and an error. Boesch had two hits in addition to the long fly out. And Rhymes reached three times (really). He walked twice and singled.

Brad Penny allowed 4 runs and 10 base runners in 7 innings. This, of course, isn’t great, but is probably tolerable from a fourth or fifth starter. It is good to see he can go 7 innings. Ryan Perry pitched the eighth and gave up three runs on two walks and a home run. He also allowed a single. Today he cannot be Agent P. He is just Perry. Maybe one day he will earn the Agent P photo in the blog.

Now I’m off to do all the work I brought home.

Perry (Definitely not Agent P)
Perry (Definitely not Agent P)

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