I Used to Like It When Raburn Homered


I didn’t keep score at this one so I’m working from memory.    The Tigers lost 7-3.  They scored three runs on Felix Hernandez which I thought would give them a good shot.  Unfortunately Coke gave up four runs in the fifth to break a 3-3 tie.  After that both bullpens held.  Villarreal, Thomas and Schlereth did not allow a run for the final 4 or so innings.

What I will really remember about this one is a misplay by Raburn.  A ball bounced off his glove and over the fence for a home run in the second inning.  A good play and it’s an out.  An average play and its a double.  Ryan Raburn and it’s a home run.  

So many things like this seem to happen to Raburn.  Of course he misplayed a ball that led to the Twins scoring the tying run in the tenth inning of Game 163.  Last year he fell into the Cleveland bullpen in Cleveland through an unlatched door allowing an in-the-park home run.

My in-person record falls to 5-2.  Hopefully Coke’s first two starts and not his last two starts are more representative of how he will pitch this year.

Also the lady in the row behind us on the Friday plan brings cookies to every game.  Good cookies.

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