Position Night


The Tigers win 3-1 over the Royals and replace them in second place.  They did not gain ground on the Cleveland Indians who had a 3-run bottom of the ninth to win.  Zombie Travis Hafner hit a two-run homer to end the game as we were walking to the car.

Austin Jackson led off with his first home run in Comerica Park.  This one ended in the visitors bullpen over 370 feet away from home plate.  Hopefully Jackson can maintain the power.

The Tigers also called up Andy Dirks to replace Ordonez who went on the DL with continuing ankle problems.  Dirks was unable to make it from the Atlanta area by game time, however.

Verlander overshadowed Jackson’s first home run at home.  Verlander pitched a no hitter in his last outing in Toronto.  And, just to make this game fun, he allowed only a pair of walks through 5 2/3 innings.  One of those walks scored when Melky Cabrera trippled in the sixth.  Verlander ended the evening allowing one run on two hits with three walks and 7 strike outs.  That was a pretty good 17 innings of baseball.

I had my first Muchos Nachos from the Big Cat Court of the season pre-game.  I have to limt those.  At $9 it is a relatively good value for a major league park as it has meat, cheese, sour cream, jalepenos and salsa on the side.  I imagine cardiologists would not approve, however.


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