Tigers Fan Rules


I researched how the Indians were doing hoping to find out an imbalance in one-run wins or extra-inning wins to explain their lead in the Central.  But, they are 8-6 in 1-run games and only one game over 0.500 in their extra-inning games.  So, while some of their players may be over-performing expectations there is not a lot of excess luck for the Indians on the team level.

Since that idea for a post failed I have instead formalized my family’s rules for watching Tiger baseball.  As I may expand on these from time to time I have created a page on the blog that also lists them.


A.  Performing the wave at any time is discouraged.

B.  Fans shall not perform the wave when:

1.  The teams are within 5 runs of one another

2.  The Tigers are batting.

3.  A historical event- such as a no-hitter by either team- is still possible.

C.  The wave at Comerica Park shall go counterclockwise.  However, see Article I A.

ARTICLE II Alcoholic Beverages

A.  Tall daquiris at Comerica Park shall be known as foo-foo drinks.

B.  No man at Comerica Park shall possess a foo-foo drink except to temporarily hold it as a courtesy for his girlfriend, spouse, sister, or other female friend.

Approved ruling:  No, you can’t have a sip just to try it.

C.  Head shaking and sniggering is permissible should a man violate Article II A.


A.  Rally caps may be worn in the eighth inning or later when the Tigers trail in their half of the inning and the tying run is on deck, at bat, or already on base.

B.  Rally caps may remain on for the rest of the half inning if they are put on in accordance with article III A even if the Tigers tie the game, take the lead, or if a out on the base paths change the situation so that Article III A does not apply.

C.  If you possess an opponent’s cap you may rally it in violation of  Article III A in order to perform a jinx. For example the Twins are batting in a tie game in the top of the ninth  Able rallies a Twins cap and displays it.  Baker tells him to cut it out the Twins don’t need a rally.  Approved ruling:  Able is jinxing the Twins.  The cap may stay rallied.

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