JV, JV Games Are Great


My in-person record advanced to 11-8 as the Tigers win 4-1. I am writing this on the WordPress IPad app which should work closer to a computer than an iPhone and is a little disappointing.

Fister pitched an 8 inning complete game loss. Verlander pitched 8 innings. His only run allowed came on a single, stolen base, fly out and safe on a strike out combine with a wild pitch. (1B, SB, F9, WTF). Valverde closed it out.

Other memorable events included Avila hitting two triples and walking on 4 pitches in three plate appearances. Boesch reached three times including a two run homer to the aisle between sections in Kaline’s Corner.

The Tigers played KISS instead of Alice Cooper as the victory song. It seems risky business changing the win song mid-season. If the Tigers don’t win the Central Division I think we can point to this as a major reason.

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