How Do You Know Things Are Going Your Way?


You know things are going your way when:

  1. You get to Gate C at 5:18 and season ticket holders get full run of the stadium at 5:20.  Your children win the race to the right field bleachers.  The Tigers forget to send a ball boy up there like they usually do at 5:15 and your children recover 6 baseballs.
  2. The new Tiger pitcher, Doug Fister, does not strike out anyone in seven innings of work.  His team commits an error behind him and another misplay that stopped a sure double play and allowed a run.  Still only 3 runs score off the starter.  (Fister walked no one which helped.)
  3. Ryan Raburn- who is still my favorite player- hits a home run in the eigth to make it 5-3.  The run is critical as Valverde allows a home run in the ninth.  The Tigers win 5-4.
  4. As you drive home you put on the Indians-Red Sox game in the car and the Red Sox get a walk off home run with two outs in the ninth.

I also find it entertaining that the Rangers traded for two relievers to help their bullpen.  Each  gave up a home run in the eighth inning that caused the Rangers to lose 1-run games.  Uehara gave up a home run to Raburn tonight.  Adams gave one up to Boeach yesterday.

The Tigers now have a four game lead over the Indians.  The White Sox appear ready to fall 6.5 back as they are losing to the Yankees.  This is getting exciting.

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