Doug Fister

Fister and HBP

BASEBALL I’m playing around with the subscriber data site on Baseball Reference.  I had trouble with my initial search on in the park home runs.  So instead I decided to look at hit by pitch numbers since Fister has so many in under 1/3 of a season. Currently Fister has the 45th highest number of […]



BASEBALL Jhonny Peralta hit a home run in the second after Delmon Young walked and Raburn doubled. Later Peralta hit another home run for insurance. Meanwhile Fister struck out 9 in an 8 inning start. (We know because we bring K signs to hold up in road parks.) When we arrived Downs and Pickens were […]


Fister Loses?

BASEBALL The memorable part of this game was a Fister error. The Pirates pitcher Burnett bunted and Fister had an easy play at the lead runner at third. A bad throw and a bad pick up up Delmon Young led to the Pirates third and fourth runs. This would have been particularly frustrating except the […]