What Collapse? Whose Collapse?


I tracked the record of the AL Central teams from the zenith of Cleveland’s season until now.

Central Teams Record May 24-August 16
Central Teams Record May 24-August 16

This grid has all sorts of fairness problems. For instance, the schedule over a subset of the season is even more unbalanced than over an entire season.  Obviously this is particulartly mis-representative for Cleveland as I picked their best point as the starting point.

Still I found it interesting.The order of the teams looks a lot more like preseason projections.  Also, it indicates that the Tigers should probably worry more about the White Sox than the Indians.  Finally, while many people think the White Sox are playing a lot better than the Tigers, over the middle half of the season the Tigers actually did slightly better.

The fabled second half collapse may yet arrive if Scherzer and Porcello do not pitch well.  But, so far there is no collapse.

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