Thanks for the Pizza, DK



The Tigers won 10-6 today, splitting a series with the Orioles. Both teams employed Earl Weaver’s offense. There were three three-run home runs. Victor Martinez and Don Kelly hit the Tigers’ three run home runs. Miguel Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta also homered for Detroit. Kelly’s home run was critical as it got the Tigers to 9 runs and I fed the children BOGO pizza instead of having to cook.

Mr. Adequate pitched 5.1 striking out 2 and allowing the usual 3 runs. Penny did well enough this year, with the Tigers winning in around half his starts. With his not-so-great peripherals and with Turner’s debuting this year Penny won’t return. For a one-year stopgap he was, well, adequate.

My daughter won an xBox 360 video game at Kid’s Club. It was a cool prize, but we don’t have that game system. Merry Christmas to someone. She won a pin and Detroit Tigers rubber band bracelets at Radio Disney. Most importantly she won an Agent P pin to replace the one on which I broke the backing.

We didn’t win any shirts-off-our-back jerseys. We have mixed feelings about this, because it would be cool to win and meet a player or coach. However, we also think sweaty jerseys are gross.

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