Happy Verday (Sigh)


If anyone reads this and celebrates Christmas, or another holiday with gifts you will be able to relate to me tonight.  You may have had a Christmas that you had no business complaining about.  The food was great.  You and the people around you had a good time for the most part.  You got some thoughtful gifts.  But, all you can think about is that you did not get the new bike you wanted.

Justin Verlander went for his 25th win of the season tonight.  He gave up five runs in the first three innings.  He managed to go seven innings.  In the fourth, fifth and sixth no on reached base.  Meanwhile the Tigers got the score back to 5-4 and had baserunners in the 7th.  They almost took the lead for Verlander like in Cleveland a couple weeks agao.  In the eighth the Tigers did tie it.  But, a 2-base wild pitch and a suicide squeeze in the ninth allowed the Orioles to win 6-5.

Before the game my daughter won a Wii game from Kid’s Club.  She also had an Oriole coach toss her a ball.  In the spirit of Verday she passed that along to a three-year old.  Also in the spirit of Verday all of the folks trying for fan of the game on Twitter got Every Game Counts shirts.  I regifted mine to my dad.  It was Verday after all.

Another Verday Present
Another Verday Present

So, the Tigers mounted a big comeback.  The tying run reached in the ninth inning.  We received and gave Verday presents.  The park has switched away from Summer Shandy to the better Oktoberfest.  Yet, all I can think about is my bike. Where’s my 25th win?

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