Tigers Move from Life Support to Critical Care


The Tigers won and forced the ALCS to return to Texas.  We arrived at the game later than we usually do since it was a 4:19 start that really started at 4:19.

Justin Verlander went 7 1/3 innings and threw 133 pitches on a day when the bullpen consisted of Phil Coke.  (Well, Brad Penny, Daniel Schlereth and Ryan Perry were technically available.)  He did give up a 2-run home run to Cruz just before he was pulled so having him go in the 8th may have been a mistake.  Of  course maybe Cruz would take anyone deep the way his series has gone.   Coke got the last 5 outs.  His ninth inning was what you would expect from a Detroit closer.  But he despite three base runners and one run he did finish the game.

The most fun part was the Tigers 6th.  It started with a Raburn single.  then Cabrera doubled on a ball that bounced off third base and went over Beltre’s head.  Martinez tripled when Cruz dove for a ball and missed.  I certainly would not have predicted a Martinez triple before the game.  Young completed the natural cycle by hitting his fifth home run of the playoffs tying a Tigers record.

Another fun part of the game was when an obviously hurting Avila hit his first post-season home run.

I have such optimism that I finally printed the print-at-home tickets I bought for next Saturday.  Don’t make me waste that 35 cent investment in ink and paper, Tigers.

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