Texas on Cruz Control


I was there.

I was at the game that started two hours late.

I was at the game where it rained on the fans for 4 innings.

I was at the game that went extra innings.

I was at the game where Cabrera was intentionally walked with the bases empty and one out and later thrown out attempting to score on a fly out.

I was at the second game in a 7-game series the Rangers won in 11 innings.  Cruz homered in the 11th of each game.

The Tigers have lost twice in extra innings and once by a score of 3-2 and find themselves facing play off elimination.

Other than the outcome it was actually fun. There is a certain toughness you can claim for sitting in the rain for an hour to see the game.  Porcello pitched very well for 5 innings.  He was getting strike outs on swings and ground balls.  Inge homered on a two-strike count to tie the game in the 7th. Plus I got to use the Cruz pun in the title.

On the other hand this weekend will be busy as I catch up all the running and school work that I had hoped to do after the afternoon game that wasn’t an afternoon game.

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