AMATYC 3: Statway and Quantway


I wanted to see where the various pilots for Statway and Quantway were and see if the College could get involved in any of them. Since I know a lot about the project itself I will not take notes on the first part of the session which introduced the projects.

I have a copy of Statway lesson 3.1.1. This is actually exciting because these are not generally available outside of pilot sites now. If you are an HFCC teacher let me know if you want to see it.

One interesting thing the Way projects are doing is using proprietary software from Carnegie and other software called Piazza to allow faculty in the pilots to communicate. This may be something I want to look at later to see if it is free and if it is easy enough to use for other collaborations.

Statway is gathering affective data about students and comparing with course results. We plan to do this locally. If the Dana Center publishes their results it may save us work or allow us to see differences between our students and a national sample. This is called their Productive Persistence project. They have a packet of interventions that includes:

Growth Mindset activity
Language and Productive Struggle scripts
Community building activities
One more I missed because the slide changed

To get involved with either project you need to set up articulations and get the faculty involved. They are taking pains to ensure the students can still transfer as this was an early worry.

The first step is to write a letter of intent. The letter of intent should demonstrate that your college has a culture of evidence, Your department should have a focus on understanding and student engagement. Your institution should have a CQI model. Your department should show a commitment to common curriculum and assessments.

Materials will be publicly available- except for assessments by 2013.

In summary I should investigate Piazza, I should see if we can get access to the data from the affective surveys. If the College is interested in piloting in the next round I should write a letter of intent

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