AMATYC 4: Developmental Math Committee Meeting

I wanted to keep track of what the Developmental Math Committee of AMATYC is up to in case some initiatives might affect HFCC in the long term. Here is what they are doing:

  1. They plan a themed session in 2012 on Redesign. There will be 6, 15-minute sessions.
  2. They are creating a position paper on Intermediate Algebra. What is its role? Should all students take the same thing? I wish them luck. AMATYC has never pinned this down due to the differences in curriculum nationwide. Some states have even legislated the curriculum, I think.
  3. They are still active in New Life- this is the broad initiative that led to Statway and Quantway. They want to make a resources website.
  4. They will have webinars through AMATYC. One will be embedding student attributes. (This was not explained. I think it means identifying traits that make a student more or less likely to succeed and doing something about it.)
  5. They have a google site that has a discussion board. It is largely dormant.

I rejoined the committee using my phone and an online link so I should get updates, if any, to share with the College.

Also, Hilton, what do we really gain by asking me to go downstairs to post these and then go back upstairs to go to the next session? Free the Wifi!!!

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