Walks. Grrrrrr.


Drew Smyly pitched 6 innings, allowed only one run.  He walked 1 and struck out 7.  He deserved to win.

Unfortunately the offense only managed two runs.  And Dotel, Benoit, Valverde, Coke and Weber all walked batters.  Two of these Rangers scored.  One was the tying run in the 8th and the other was the winning run in the 11th.

This was Weber’s Major League debut.  He took the loss.

The bottom of the sixth could have rendered all the other stuff moot.  Jackson flew out near the warning track where the visitors bullpen meets the shrubbery.  Then Boesch homered.  Cabrera then flew out to nearly the same spot as Jackson.  After Fielder and Young reached, Avila flew out to the warning track.  If the Tigers had pulled the ball a little bit on some of those at bats this game could have become one-sided.

The day itself was somewhat cold (upper 40’s) and very windy.  It was not a good day for what seems the Tigers newest promotion for Sunday games- buy 9 innings and get 11 innings.  Also, it is too bad this one could not end like the last Sunday game in Comerica.  There was a chance.  Cabrera singled with two outs in the 11th and Fielder flew out.  His ball ended 10 feet or so from the wall, but it looked playable the whole way from out seats.  It was just a high fly ball helped a little by the wind.  It was caught foul as well.

The winning run was controversial.  With the bases loaded and no outs a squeeze bunt was fouled off the batter, but ruled fair.  Even if the correct call were made the Tigers and Weber still faced the bases loaded with no out situation.

We won another movie at Radio Disney.  Evidently they still make the Schoolhouse Rock videos from the 70’s (and 90’s.)  Now they make environmental ones.

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