The Mudhens Win with Me There


The Mudhens beat Columbus 2-1 in the kind of game I enjoy.  Other than some control problems for Kluber in the first inning the starters did great.  Kluber walked 2 after allowing 2 hits and the Mudhens scored their only two runs in the first.  Kluber went on to pitch 5.1 inning and srike out 10.  In 14 of the 24 Mudhen outs came via the strikeout.

Meanwhile Oliver pitched 7 innings.  He had a no hitter through 6.1 innings.  After he walked the lead off hitter in the seventh a double ended the no hitter and the shut out.  Downs pitched a scoreless 8th and Bootcheck pitched a scoreless 9th.

Laporta ended the first inning by flying out to Ciriaco.  My daughter thought quickly and got Ciriaco’s attention and the ball.  The 104 Row B seats have yielded a foul ball on opening day and that ball for her so far.

We tried Fricker’s before the game.  It is a bar and grill on the same block as the stadium in the right field corner.  Everything tasted good.  It certainly was not healthy.  It serves ribs, chicken wings and the fried side dishes.  I did get the baked beans to have at least something that wasn’t fried and those were good.  They also had a domestic beer special with 22 ounce glasses for around $2.50.  This includes Yuenling.  You couldn’t eat there every day and stay healthy, but it is reasonable and it’s safe for a couple times a season.

I didn’t realize it was calendar day until the way out.  Now we have to decide what to do with 4 calendars!

Super Moon, Bad Zoom
Super Moon, Bad Zoom

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