That Was Fun


The Tigers lost to the Indians 4-2.  This was not a fun game to watch for a number of reasons.

Recent call up Matt Young went 0-4 with 4 strike outs.

The Indians hit 3 triples.  Obviously this is mostly on the pitcher Smyly.  However, after seeing so many fliners converted to outs in the last couple years it is a shame to see most of them land for extra base hits now.  One of the balls was a Boesch misplay.  He dove and the ball continued on to the wall.Berry did track down another hard hit ball by the center field wall.  The Jackson return cannot be soon enough

Fielder double pumped on what I thought would be a 3-6-1 double play.  I was watching Fielder so I’m not sure if he was undecisive or Peralta was slow to cover.  The extra runner scored on a triple.

Ubaldo Jimenez only walked one batter.  Walks had been a big problem for him so far in 2012.  We went over 7 innings allowing only one run despite an ERA over 5.

Prince Fielder made the last out of the eighth which meant that Cabrera would bat 8th in the ninth inning.  In other words   Berry, Boesch and two Youngs would have to combine for less than three outs.  Nevertheless it looked like there might be a chance.  Delmon Young singled.  Laird hit a ball deep in the hole at shortstop that Asdrubal Cabrera reached.  Everyone should have been safe, but Delmon missed the bag with his lead foot when sliding.  The rally continued somewhat with a run eventually scoring on a sacrifice fly by Boesch, but Santiago made the last out three batters away from Cabrera.

Avila got hurt and had to leave the game.  Laird did not look comfortable running the bases in the ninth.  Both have hamstring tightness.  And since both played tonight a trip retroactively to the DL is now rest to June 5.

I’m trying to have more of an attitude that it is just fun to watch baseball because the injuries and sub-par hitting from supporting players have made success this season somewhat of a long shot.  But, this game was just not enjoyable.

On a different topic, Mezzanine seats 214 Row 1 Seats 1-3 together with 215 Row 1 Seat 1 would make good season tickets because of the angle to home plate and the fact no one can get in the way of your view.  (We sat there because out original seats in 215 Row 4 offered mostly a view of fans walking to and from their seats along the aisle between 216 and 215.)  Unfortunately you could never sell the singleton seat because you can’t list them together on Stubhub because of the section break that isn’t really there.

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