Can the Tigers Win 60% of Their Remaining Games?


It is too early for the standing and chase posts.  I’m going to post one anyway.


The unbelievable late May run by the White Sox has them on pace to win 85-90 games even if they play just over 0.500 baseball the rest of the year.  Since many of their hitters are doing better than expected I think the White Sox can do that.  Obviously Konerko can’t keep up the pace he is on, but he looks like he will have a good year if healthy.  Dunn is making it impossible to make Done jokes this year.  Pierczynski is hitting well.  Beckham has even shown signs he has figured it out at times.

At any rate it looks like the Tigers need to win around 60% of their remaining games to be in the same neighborhood in late September.  Some of their under performing hitters need to do better.  This may happen.  But, the injuries to Jackson and Dirks have deprived them of two of the guys who were actually hitting.  They have been replaced by Quintin Berry and Matt Young.  Both players needed to be added to the 40-man roster because they were not really considered prospects.  The Tigers are also using their third string catcher due to hamstring injuries to the first two catchers.  So, the run may not start anytime soon.

Combine this with a June that features only 9 more home games and the Tigers may need quite a run in July and August to get back in the Central Division Race.

There are still lots of head-to-head games with Chicago.  The injury bug may move on from Detroit and head to Chicago.  Lots can change.  I don’t believe in a “panic button.”  But, my “lever of resignation” is pulled 2/3 the way for the 2012 Tigers.


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