The Race to the Kids Club Pays Off


My youngest daughter was second to Kids Club one day earlier this year and saw the first child get to read the line ups for FSD.  Since then she has sprinted for the Kids Club booth at each Sunday game as soon as the gates opened.  Being first did not necessarily result in getting the call though.  Today it did.

We were walked right down to the field.  Since it was Fathers’ Day I got to be the backdrop while she read the line ups.  She got a card with last names and numbers.  Since she knew the first names she also read them.  “Batting first, the center fielder, number 14 Austin Jackson,”  and so on.  She read Jhonny Peralta’s name right.  This is a challenge since we have jokingly called him J-honny since his Cleveland days.  Delmon Young was not in the line up so there was no chance for an Elmon mistake.

The game had some fun and surprising events.  Scherzer struck out 12 in 8 innings.  This is not completely surprising except there was a 53 minute rain delay in the fourth.  Scherzer not only came back out, but ended up throwing 122 pitches.  Quintin Berry went 5 for 5.  All the balls were sharply hit.  But, his success seemed to come from following the, “Hit it where they ain’t advice,” rather than a power surge.  In fact all five hits were singles.  One was an infield single.

The Tigers won 5-0.

After the game Chris Chelios was signing  merchandise on the Cheli’s patio.  So, Christmas shopping is done for a brother-in-law, too.

This was a lot better than some recent visits to Comerica.

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